Innovation: the Need for Art

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

Henry Ward Beecher

Pandora by Steve Delamare

Pandora by Steve Delamare

This week has been just one of those weeks where you just drag yourself through the days until the week ends. So, instead of a normal post I’m just doing an art dump (with a small side of innovation). I hope y’all understand.

So in class we’ve been talking about innovation but it poses a question: what is innovation? Well, you can find a thousand different definitions but to me, when it comes right down to it, innovation is when you “feed the need”. From clean water for children in Africa to a reading corner for the local library, “the need” can be just about anything.

But today, my need is something else. Today my need is to finish this blog post and to perhaps catch up on some sleep. But I also have another need: art.

I’m always going to be an artiest at heart and no matter how exhausted or how busy I am, I will always find my self writing down scraps of ideas or thinking about different angles I could use to take a snapshot of a moment. Art. Art is innovation and it will always feed my need to relax and have fun. And if not, if someday I find myself thinking art is tedious, it will always feed my need for good aesthetics and beauty.

So enjoy these, let them take you away to another world. Because if the artist’s/photographer’s hadn’t created these wonderful pieces, then the world would be a little darker.

Thank you to the following artists:

Lefian (Commune Forecrest)

Nigel3 (NY Blue Blues)

Northstar76 (Sunday)

Otherra (Into the Wytch’s Abode)

Jonasdero (After Class)

Reluin (Acqua Alta)

Yuumei (Don’t Forget Me and Fisheye Placebo: Background Concept Art)

Dannyst (Stranger 7)

Vulezvrk (Train of Life II)

Honasdero (A Place Called Home)

SteveDelamare (Pandora)


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